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PMG Introduces OpenAI Integration with Alli

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Natalie Sherman, Product Marketing Lead

As PMG's Product Marketing Lead, Natalie Sherman bridges the gap between product development and the broader market, partnering closely with PMG's technology team to oversee marketing communications and product positioning for PMG's technology platform, Alli. With previous stints at Ring and Moen, she brings a wealth of industry insights, marketing expertise, and innovative thinking to every conversation.

PMG is among the first to integrate our proprietary technology, Alli, with leading AI research lab OpenAI, harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance media optimization and efficiencies within paid search campaigns. Paired with Alli’s campaign management data, intelligence, and insights, our API integration with OpenAI unlocks unprecedented speed and innovation for accelerating efficiency and performance gains in paid search.

The new Alli x OpenAI integration equips media teams with a more efficient and streamlined solution for managing copy development to drive asset rotations and campaign performance by using existing ad copy, established keywords, and approved settings. By leveraging generative AI, Alli users can brainstorm and refine campaign headlines and descriptions with a new level of speed and creativity. They also have the ability to modify parameters like content creativity, word frequency, and keywords.

Combined with Alli, this underlying technology can quickly adopt an established brand voice, product positioning, tone, style, and messaging to accelerate copywriting and campaign optimization for performance gains. Generated search copy automatically adheres to platform requirements for search ads, helping teams narrow down the best options for campaign ideation and optimization.

In recent months, artificial intelligence has moved to the forefront of the tech industry and digital ecosystem with the latest developments, including Bard, Google’s generative AI search and discovery product, and Microsoft formally integrating GPT-4 into the search experience on Bing. New applications and partnership innovations are making headlines every day, as there are truly endless possibilities for what the future holds for generative AI technology. 

Learn more about the limits and endless potential of generative AI in PMG’s latest report here

“Generative AI represents an incredible future for marketers, and we couldn’t be more excited about our integration with OpenAI,” said Chris Alvares, head of technology at PMG. “Already, this technology is automating processes and improving search copywriting ideation, helping our people re-shift their focus to solving complex challenges and more strategic decision-making.” 

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