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A Beginner’s Guide to Business Travel

3 MINUTE READ | January 6, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Business Travel

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During one’s career at an agency, there is bound to be traveling of some sort worked into your schedule. Six years into agency life, I am by no means a veteran, but I’ve learned a few things along the way, particularly in the realm of travel. For all the rookies out there planning their first trip or those who need a bit more structure added to their travel routine, below are a few reminders that may help.

Double-check your itineraryTwo days prior to leaving, ensure you’ve got your flight, hotel & car accommodations booked and confirmed. Whether you or someone else makes the travel arrangements, ensure dates, times and locations are all correct. No one wants to check into their hotel to find out you don’t have one!

Don’t forget to book your trip with your frequent flyer and TSA pre-check numbers. In addition to racking up your airline miles, you’ll swiftly pass through security (without having to take off your shoes).

24 hours before flying, check-in to your flight. Believe it or not, airlines have come quite a long way over the years; downloading your airline’s app makes the check-in and boarding process faster than ever.

Carry-on whenever possibleNot only will you save time during the check-in and security process, but you’ll also avoid wasted time at baggage claim (and trust me, anyone traveling with you will be thankful.) Heaven forbid you check your bag and it gets lost, that’s one more thing you’ll have to deal with amidst work functions, which I can guarantee you will not be enjoyable. My rule of thumb: if your trip is over 6 days, check it.

Pack like a proTruth be told, you can fit a lot into a small carry-on, so make the most of it. Check the weather for your destination and pack accordingly. Pack one extra outfit should you want to change before a client dinner or if your trip gets extended one day.

Ladies: if you’re planning on running around a city in heels – don’t. Bring flats to travel in, then change once you get to the office. Your feet will thank you later.

Travel size toiletries are a must. Don’t hold up the security line by bringing your full-size hair shampoo in your carry-on.

Don’t forget your chargers…all of them. Cell phone, laptop, etc. In the hustle & bustle of today’s demands, it wouldn’t hurt to bring along a portable cell phone charger as well (I find mine super handy on days when I’m going to one meeting after the next).

Arrive earlyWhether it’s a quick tube ride in London or an Uber ride in LA, there is always the chance of being late to your destination. Do yourself a favor and plan to arrive early. If you’re planning to catch a flight, arrive even earlier. Early is on time, and on time is late.

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There you have it, simple tips to make your next trip hassle free. Do you have any travel tips you live by?

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