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The Case for Expanded Text Ads

2 MINUTE READ | June 13, 2016

The Case for Expanded Text Ads

Two weeks ago, Google came out of left field announcing a new ad format for all of their paid search ads.

Although this was completely unexpected, we see the new format as a complete success!

Our teams were able to launch expanded text ads on the first day they were announced, and so far we are testing over 100,000 pieces of ad copy on this format.

We are seeing nothing but positive results across the board for our clients that are opted into these formats. Some of our clients are seeing click-thru rates increase over 90% of their account averages. Not only are we seeing goodness come from click-thru rates, we are seeing conversion rates follow suit. Where conversion rates either meet or exceed the account averages. So not only are we getting more traffic, we are getting more conversions as a result.

The expanded text ads are distinguishing themselves amongst the competition providing a “first mover” advantage to those opted into the beta, even though Google said they wouldn’t.

It will be interesting to see in the coming months on how the mind shift for copy in this new ad format evolves. The best performing types of copy that we’ve seen get the best results are those modeled off of organic listings.

Our question is what will the landscape look like once everyone gets shifted to this new format? Will click-thru rates normalize now that everyone’s ads look like an organic result? Will average CPC’s actually rise due to more real estate for the competition? We are not certain of the future, but we definitely recommend opting yourself into the beta if you can.

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Now, we await bing’s update to this new format soon.

Posted by George Andrade

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