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Control your Adwords Campaigns using Amazon Echo

2 MINUTE READ | December 15, 2016

Control your Adwords Campaigns using Amazon Echo

Adwords scripts can be a powerful platform for modifying your Adwords data, but you are limited to Google Services such as Google Spreadsheets and Google Analytics. What if you wanted to control your Adwords campaigns outside of the Google universe? Well, there is an app for that. Introducing Amazon Web Service’s Lambda functions.

Using AWS Lambda functions, users can move past Adwords scripts and its limitations and embrace the entire Adwords Api without spinning up a server. You can do things like apply Machine Learning, merry reporting data outside of Google Analytics via AWS Kinesis, or the coolest function: control your campaigns through your Amazon Echo.

To get started, you are going to need to setup your AWS Lambda function and have it reach out for an Alexa skill.


Use the Node hello world blueprint and select your Lambda as the trigger event. Once you have done that, simply use the alexa-app nodejs library with the node adwords sdk to fetch the data you need. Here is a sample below:

You will then need to create an alexa skill using Amazon’s developer portal. This is different than the amazon web service view and can be found here. You will then need to create a new Alexa Skill using the Alexa tab of the Amazon Developer Portal.


You will need to go through the steps to create a new Alexa skill which is pretty straight forward. You can follow the steps here if you are having trouble with the individual steps.

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Once you go through the Alexa wizard, you should be able to test on the Alexa simulator as well as on your device.

Posted by Chris Alvares

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