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COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on Digital Advertising

1 MINUTE READ | April 7, 2020

COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on Digital Advertising

There is a lot that’s uncertain these days, so PMG’s Nick Drabicky tried to outline several certainties that have been borne out of the current health and economic crisis gripping the U.S. and, in particular, the retail industry, through an article published on TotalRetail.

According to Drabicky, search is a safe space and will show resilience as a key channel for advertisers. And when it comes to upper-funnel ads, retailers are not presently pausing efforts, but are instead updating ads to reflect the current climate and ensure their message is resonating with customers.

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He added, “As a top priority, retailers should protect their relationship with each customer, providing sensitive and positive, uplifting messages during this difficult time.” For a full read, check out the article online.

Posted by David Gong

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