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Crisis Perspectives Series: Learning at Home Amid COVID-19

3 MINUTE READ | March 18, 2020

Crisis Perspectives Series: Learning at Home Amid COVID-19

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Dayle Magill, VP, Client Operations & Data Services

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As I was standing in line at the grocery store with the rest of the U.S. getting diapers, milk, and my rationed allotment of toilet paper and paper towels. when I heard that school for the kids would be canceled. I could feel the anxiety building by the second. My gut reaction—buy more coffee and wine.

The sick day protocol of snacks and TV to pacify them was not going to work long-term. 

This was not the one-off day where the kiddos would be at home — this would be the new norm for who knows how long. Kids thrive on structure. Therefore, my husband and I would need to be more proactive about scheduling dedicated working hours to coincide with new routines for the kids. These new routines would include educational content despite being home.

Luckily, there are a lot of resources available to help.

First things first: Set a schedule. Here is a good example but it’s important to be flexible and do what works best for your family. Don’t feel like you need to schedule every 15 minutes; that’ll only stress you out and drive the family crazy!

Now, what to do with the Academic time…let me tell you, trained educators are special people, and this is not my trained craft. There’s no way I can teach my kids like Mrs. Walker or Mrs. Leggett. Thanks to technology, that’s not a matter to worry about. Below are links to online resources that can  help:

Things don’t have to be so structured. All this time together could present unique opportunities for applied learning.

  • Do puzzles or play board games

  • Get the kids engaged in spring planting and gardening

  • Cook and bake healthy foods; this requires learning in  following directions, measuring, and fractions

  • Engage in regular tasks with the kids;  shoe-tying and riding without training wheels are still important life skills!

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The period of COVID-19 will always be a time we remember. My husband and I can have crazy schedules with different planes passing in the night. Several weeks hunkered in the house together 24/7creates a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will be stressful trying to balance work, housework, and the kids’ education, but try to enjoy the little moments. This too shall pass.