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Early Reports on TikTok’s Self-Serve Platform

1 MINUTE READ | January 21, 2020

Early Reports on TikTok’s Self-Serve Platform

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David Gong

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PMG’s Carly Carson shared her thoughts about TikTok’s self-serve platform with Digiday, and while there are promising features, there’s still work to be done on the tool, which is currently in beta. Her optimism is shared by others who have had access to it, and it’s that optimism that buoys them to overcome challenges around robust targeting and reporting.

“The platform has most of the bells and whistles of other self-serve social ad platforms,” said Carson, but, it’s “missing a few key reporting metrics.”

She also shared that advertisers want “to see expanded targeting capabilities, such as the ability to target by using hashtags, and a more seamless, less manual customer-relationship-management integration option through an API.”

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Her bullishness on TikTok comes with caution, though. Noting that TikTok’s best feature is its user-driven content, she said, “If the curated content can stay true to the highly creative nature of current TikTok content, it could win. But if it’s just a replica of other apps’ approaches to curated content, it might fall flat [with] TikTok users.”