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2 MINUTE READ | August 31, 2015


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Martin Rudler

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It’s Monday morning, and there’s one PMG email that’s become as reliable as any status update or scheduled report – GAME TONIGHT: ROLL CALL.

Every Monday night for two years, a collection of newbies, high school has-been stars, and everything in between fight for the PMG glory in a 40 minute game of indoor soccer at a local league. While fiercely competitive, I can say the following with objective truth: we suck, and it’s great.

Although afforded a rare victory from time to time, FC Fierce (fondly named in honor of PMG paid search ninja, George Andrade) more often finds itself as a bottom feeder of the division. That isn’t to say we don’t look good in the process though. The team sports sleek neon green jerseys designed by our own Stephen Hill of the creative team:

IMG_4271 (1)

In the games, we sprint our way to burning lungs and heavy legs. Punishing losses in a non stop, balls off the walls style of play. In the process, we also love to get chippy from time to time, making sure the other team knows that the score is the only way in which they’re beating us. Even when sucking air as though it’s a limited commodity in the state of Texas, effort and.. we’ll call it, competitiveness, is rarely an issue.

While the end result is never guaranteed there’s a few mainstays you can count on:

  • Bryan will be goalie

  • George will be yelling to shoot (“shoot it, baby”)

  • Chris will be knocking someone down (but got a foot on the ball first)

  • Earl will trip but not before putting the defender through a washing machine

  • Allan will be running – like really huffing it

  • Dustin will be reliable

  • Nick will hesitate to shoot with his left

  • and EVERYONE will be yelling at the ref

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More than anything though, you can count on a group showing up and looking to have fun, making Monday night soccer one my favorite under-the-radar aspects of PMG agency life!