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The Future of Digital + Fashion

2 MINUTE READ | February 23, 2017

The Future of Digital + Fashion

New York Fashion Week has officially ended for Spring 2017, and while designers were setting the scene for what’s officially fresh for Fall, tech companies were busy making their own statement.

Fashion and tech have been familiar acquaintances in the past, that being said, the two just scratch the surface on true partnership potential. Fashion, of the two entities, is the more reluctant. Tech, on the contrary, continues to make moves in order to merge the gap.

Fast forward to the beginning of New York Fashion Week 2017. How do tech companies break the pre-existing barriers in an industry they essentially know nothing about? Samsung, one notable tech giant, has been a consistent presence at New York Fashion Week as a sponsor at press lounges offering attendees battery juice for tech devices. The motivation for tech companies to make an appearance boils down to one thing: status. It’s a simple concept really; the more exposure tech companies receive at events such as New York Fashion Week, the more consumers will make the connection between the two opposing industries. This same connection boosts brand awareness and widens the consumer pool brands can potentially reach in future endeavors.

The top buzzword for tech and fashion moving into 2017: virtual reality. Tech companies see potential to merge the gap with this technology, while also capturing data that would boost revenue for top fashion brands. Samsung is one of the first tech companies to try out this notion by teaming up with FTL Moda, a fashion production firm that helps stage shows for New York Fashion Week. The virtual presentation is an invite only event where attendees will be given a Samsung Gear VR headset for an up close, virtual view of the designs walking up and down the runway. This type of event will not only advertise designer creations but will also allow tech giants to make their mark in “high fashion.”

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The relationship between the once distant industries looks promising moving into 2017. Fashion designers, like Rebecca Minkoff, are promoting the budding partnership between tech and fashion. Minkoff has even mentioned drones as a future possibility at runway events during New York Fashion Week. Sponsorship’s, virtual reality, drones… 2017 might be the year for tech and fashion to finally form a lasting relationship.

Posted by Lauren Martin

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