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Get More Out Of Your Facebook Video Campaigns

2 MINUTE READ | May 20, 2015

Get More Out Of Your Facebook Video Campaigns

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Earl Hwang

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For the millionth time, we know that “2015 is the year of video.”  Most people got the point when people starting blogging about it last summer. The challenge for a lot of brands and marketers is how to reconcile the costs associated with creating high-quality video content and then translating it into something that is a little more performance minded than a ‘video view’ or a ‘like.’

Why did you create the video in the first place

I want more brand awareness…

We need more traffic to the site…

View totals can only tell some of the story, and we all know that URL re-directs during and after the video don’t do a consistent job of generating site traffic.  Does your video campaign have a thoughtful retargeting strategy for users that viewed your video?  Are you providing additional content for all those views?

To widen the halo effect of Facebook video content, your follow up content strategy should be just as important as launching your big “hero” moment.  Honestly, this should be the standard but there are a lot of circumstances that working in social media can have on content creation (content delays, funding issues, platform delays… we’ve all seen it).

Why did you create the video in the first place

Focus on keeping your users engaged in ways that will benefit you.  The easiest way is to set up a Website Custom Audience compiled of users that watched your video on Facebook.  This will give you the tactical edge in creating channels for your follow up content.

Here is a quick how-to in creating Custom Audiences made up of Facebook users that have seen your video content.

Do you know how to use Power Editor?


(If not, go HERE to get a first look into how you can start launching Facebook ad campaigns to scale)… but seriously, shame on you.

For those of you that are familiar with the platform, there is a way to capture video viewers of a particular video into its own custom audience!

If you are creating a new video ad you can find the option here:


If you are using an existing Facebook video…


And that’s it!  The users that viewed your video content will be grouped into a custom audience that you can retarget for any future campaigns.  Try retargeting video viewers with follow up content and get the most out of your Facebook video campaigns.

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