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Getting To Know PMG – One Donut At A Time

1 MINUTE READ | March 6, 2015

Getting To Know PMG – One Donut At A Time

#DonutsAndDeets is a one of a kind PMG installment which has recently seen a revival. But what is this intriguing hashtag all about? Great question.

Here goes.

At least once a week we provide a rare and exclusive peek into the life of a member of our team through the PMG Instagram Account. We highlight three interesting facts about them and post these together with the most photogenic and flattering picture our mobile phones can capture. Oh, and we ask them to pose holding a scrumptious donut!

Each week our willing participants spoil us with true LOL material, smooth poses and motivation to smile alongside donuts more often. In a nutshell, through #DonutsAndDeets we aim to showcase the exceptional talent, diversity and odd quirks of our extraordinary team.

Go check them all out here.

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Posted by Kyle Knox

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