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Google Announces Analytics 360 Suite

4 MINUTE READ | March 31, 2016

Google Announces Analytics 360 Suite

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On March 15th, Google announced the launch of a new enterprise-oriented marketing analytics products combined into one unified platform: Google Analytics 360 Suite.

The announcement was made by Vice President of Analytics, Display, and Video Products, Paul Muret. He wrote on the Google Inside Adwords blog:

“Several years ago, Google engineers set out to simplify marketing analytics in the same way we simplified web search with With infrastructure that allows us to handle billions and billions of daily search queries — generating answers before users even finish typing — we set out to give enterprise marketers the same utility.”

When detailing the background for the design of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Muret said that the goal is to provide simplified tools that work together with Adwords, DoubleClick, and third party platforms, to provide better data visualization, useful data driven insights, and lead to a greater understanding of the entire customer journey.

Google has emphasized for the past year or so that reaching customers in the small, critical, decision making points in the customer journey known as micro-moments is imperative for mobile, marketing, and brands. Micro-moments are defined by Paul Muret as, “intent-rich moments when we turn to the nearest device to find a store, buy a product or look for answers to all kinds of wants and needs.” The goal of micro-moment analysis tools like Google Analytics 360 Suite is to help marketers and companies become more knowledgeable about how to strategically gain behavioral insights to more effectively reach their customers.

What’s in the Suite, what’s new, and when will it be available?

The suite debuts four new marketing and analytics tools in addition to rebranding and rebuilding bigger, better versions of Google legacy tools GA Premium, now Analytics 360, and Adometry, now Attribution 360. All six of the tools are seamlessly integrated in order to provide marketers with the ability to access all of their data through one interactive dashboard.

  • Tag Manager 360 (new): Similar to the tag manager feature in Google Analytics that is free, this tool will now be its own product and have greater capabilities. With Tag Manager 360, marketers should expect improved efficiency, a simplified way to collect site and user data, and support from Google that was not previously available with the free tag manager feature.

  • Optimize 360 (new): As a personalization product and a tool for conducting multivariate tests, Optimize 360 will help marketers deliver a better user experience. This tool will simplify the process of conducting A/B tests on sites and track the performance of each version.

  • Audience Center 360 (new): With Audience Center 360, marketers will be able to better understand their current users and target new users across devices, channels, and campaigns. This is Google’s first data management platform (DMP) and it will offer native integration with Google and DoubleClick along with DSPs and third-party platforms.

  • Data Studio 360 (new): Data Studio 360 was built off the same real time collaboration and sharing technology used in Google Docs. This tool will integrate data from all of the 360 Suite products and other data providers to create interactive reports and dashboards.

  • Attribution 360 (rebranded/rebuilt): Previously known as Adometry, this tool was “rebuilt from the ground up” with additional features. Attribution 360 will enable marketers to evaluate performance across external systems, devices, and channels in order to assess the value of their campaigns and help determine where adjustments need to be made.

  • Analytics 360 (rebranded/rebuilt): Previously known as Google Analytics Premium, Analytics 360 will continue to be the measurement tool that analyzes site and customer data while working together with Google’s ad products. It is being rebranded as enterprise-oriented and will come out with new features, less sampling, and more integrations on a rolling basis.

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The four new products – Tag Manager, Optimize, Audience Center, and Data Studio are currently available in limited beta. Current Google Analytics Premium and Adometry will be fully relaunched within the next few months. Current Google Analytics Premium and Adometry users will be invited to access the new Analytics 360 and Attribution 360 limited beta. Pricing for the suite or the individual tools has not been announced.

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