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"Rich Results" Filter Goes Live In Google Search Console

2 MINUTE READ | June 22, 2016

"Rich Results" Filter Goes Live In Google Search Console

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Jonathan Hunt, SEO Supervisor

Jonathan Hunt has been with PMG since 2013 and is a senior leader on the SEO team, guiding automation and technology strategy for organic search. His 17 years of experience in SEO has included leading programs for ecommerce, technology, entertainment, and b2b brands. Jonathan was recently named a finalist for AAF Austin’s 2023 Big Wigs Awards for Best Data Analyst.

Google appears to be on a mission to make Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) into a first-option tool for SEOs and Search Marketers everywhere. Today, Google unveiled it’s latest feature within Search Analytics — Rich Result Filtering.

The last two years have been a period of incredible change for Google SERPs, especially when it comes to mobile results. However, there is arguably no element more consequential to the business of search than the rise of Rich Results.

Rich Results are the expanded results boxes that do not conform to traditional link formats. Instead, we get a list of map locations, or a carousel slider of options, or even boxes telling us whether or not we should vote someone as President.

Now, within Search Console’s Search Analytics platform, we can filter for instances where our sites turned up within those Rich Answer objects.


The data appears to only backfill to April 27th, so we don’t even have a full 90 days of data yet. However, this information should be very valuable in understanding some of the shift and swings we’ve been seeing in natural search over the last 24 months.


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It’s been an eventful few months for Google Search Console, and we can’t wait to see what Google still has in store for it’s search monitoring platform.

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