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Google Shopping Adds Product Assortment Report

1 MINUTE READ | October 1, 2015

Google Shopping Adds Product Assortment Report

If you log into your Google Merchant Center account multiple times per day like I do, you may have noticed a new “Assortment” tab on the right panel.

What Is It?

This is a new business intelligence tool that Google is calling “The Assortment Report.” It shows you the most popular products that are missing from your Google Shopping inventory.

  • The report includes data such as image, description, and prices for these products.

  • The report can be broken out by any of the 1,400+ Google Product Categories at levels 1 through levels 3.

  • If you’re not a fan of the onscreen table view, a CSV download of the top 100 products is available.

How to Use It

Merchandisers will be the primary beneficiaries of this report. For example, the report can be used to identify products that you are not currently selling and might want to add to your catalog. It can also be used to identify products that you are currently selling but are missing from your product feed.

A Look At The Report

Merchant Center Assortment Report Interface

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Learn more about the new Shopping Assortment Reports from Google’s official documentation here.

Posted by: Jacob Herman

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