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Here's Why You Should Test Facebook Canvas Ads

3 MINUTE READ | May 27, 2016

Here's Why You Should Test Facebook Canvas Ads

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Still unsure about whether or not you should try Facebook’s new Canvas ads? Here’s all the reasons why you should consider it:

  • Visual and flexible – Canvas provides an opportunity for advertisers to get creative and build ad units outside of the typical social post format. The Canvas can include text, photos, video, carousel, call-to-action button, or tilt-to-pan functionalities.

  • Immersive and engaging – The Canvas unit is displayed as a link ad within the user’s mobile newsfeed. Once the user clicks on the link ad, the full-screen Canvas experience is launched.

  • Fast loading – According to Facebook, the Canvas ad unit loads 10x faster than standard mobile websites

  • Increases the time spent with your brand and reduces bounce rates– Canvas ads have provided some of the longest averages in terms of time spent within any one ad unit

From direct response to branding, the Canvas unit provides a wide array of applications for brands, including but not limited to:

  • Introduce a new product or provide product education by highlighting different features of a product

  • Provide a virtual tour of a destination or location

  • Build excitement for a launch or live event

  • Tell stories about your brand

  • Have a strong opening – Make sure to start with an eye catching link ad to ensure your users click into the unit.

  • Start with a hook – Once they are there, make sure there is a hook to keep them interested. For example, if you have a celebrity endorsement or new product, showcase it up front to keep the user wanting more.

  • Design for a single objective – Mixing objectives can confuse your audience and detract from your messaging.

  • Keep the design simple – Consistency is key, so keep the design consistent and simple throughout the unit to create a cohesive experience.

  • Tell a story – But, keep it short and sweet to keep your audience engaged throughout.

  • Take advantage of the new features + format – Canvas provides a lot of new opportunities for creative. Be sure to test them out and leverage mobile-first formats like vertical video.

So yes, we know it looks cool but how can you prove it works? Facebook provides the following metrics for Canvas units:

  • Average Duration of Canvas Viewed – the average amount of milliseconds people have spent viewing and interacting with your Canvas.

  • Average % of Canvas Viewed – the average amount of your Canvas people have swiped through.

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