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HR and IT Collaborate to Maximize Employee Experience

1 MINUTE READ | September 1, 2020

HR and IT Collaborate to Maximize Employee Experience

PMG’s Chris Sinclair recently spoke with TechTarget for a story about different ways a company’s human resources and IT teams can work together in partnership to smooth employee experiences, an especially important need during the pandemic that has wrought a new normal for workers everywhere.

From getting proper feedback on quick technology roll-outs to facilitating virtual onboarding of and engagement among new hires, Sinclair shared how PMG’s people operations team has worked with the company’s IT team. He also talked about the critical role IT has played (and will continue to) in allowing PMG to successfully manage its Graduate Leadership Program, which is 100% virtual this year with graduates participating across multiple countries.

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The story also touched out how HR and IT will need to partner together to help during return-to-work phases.

Posted by David Gong

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