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ICYMI: Influencers, Facebook Watch, Online All-Stars

3 MINUTE READ | January 30, 2018

ICYMI: Influencers, Facebook Watch, Online All-Stars

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With the first month of 2018 already in the books, we’re rounding up PMG’s news mentions in January. With commentary from two of our social gurus and a huge honor for our founder and CEO, don’t miss where we’ve landed in the news below.

PMG’s Director of Social Media and Influencer Marketing, Angela Seits, recently spoke with PR Week about the potential for micro-influencers to migrate to different platforms other than YouTube in wake of their stricter guidelines. While YouTube’s stricter guidelines for monetization are meant to tighten restrictions on ads for brand safety purposes, creators might be led to believe that YouTube doesn’t value people who are trying to grow a channel.

YouTube is claiming that the majority of creators affected by the guideline shift were making less than $100 per year in 2017. Angela highlights that for some young vloggers who are just starting out, that earning of less than $100 is still extremely valuable. Check out the full article for more insights into how the regulations are affecting creators.

Carly Carson, PMG’s social account supervisor, recently spoke with Digiday about the key to making Facebook Watch the right fit for advertisers, noting that content relevance is essential. At the moment, Facebook Watch ads lack flexibility since publishers cannot directly buy ads but utilize audience-based buys instead.

Facebook Watch could entice advertisers as they start to focus on live sports. Carson believes that timely content series will hopefully build frequency and user adoption for Facebook Watch. Read the full article for more industry opinions about Facebook Watch ads.

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PMG is proud of our founder and CEO’s recent induction into MediaPost’s Online All-Stars. Inductees from the online media, advertising and marketing industries are recognized for elevating their businesses to new levels of greatness through outstanding achievements and thought leadership.

George has excelled as an advocate of “transparency” and ethics in the digital media marketplace, as well as between clients and their agencies. Some of the world’s most trusted and sophisticated brands have been attracted as customers to PMG because of the transparent approach and practices George developed.

One thing that has set George apart from many other agency CEOs is that he is involved in all aspects of the business; client service, technology development and strategy. Under George’s fearless leadership, PMG has been the only independent agency to establish formal, exclusive API partnerships with Facebook, Google and Snapchat.

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