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Images on Excel Graphs

2 MINUTE READ | June 8, 2016

Images on Excel Graphs

Let’s say you are working on a super important analytics project, like trying to figure out Brad Pitt’s attractiveness formula. Everyone agrees that images ‘speak’ louder than words or numbers but most still have some problems adding illustrations on excel graphs. Let’s see if we can help. Graph below shows generational appeal for Brad Pitt’s good looks (according to PMG internal research results).

Let’s see if we can add an image of Brad’s himself into the graph. Even better, let’s change the actual data points to be represented by his photo (he deserves it).

Steps are pretty simple:

  1. Find an image online and save it in your folder

  2. Go to Insert – Pictures – Select image from your saved location and import the image into your sheet

  3. Change your Chart Type to a Line with Markers. To do that, Select your graph, go to Chart Tools – Design and Click on Change Chart Type.

4. Select Line with Markers option

You should have below graph ready to be transformed into Brad’s world.

5. Click anywhere on the line, right click and select Format Data Series. Under Line options pick No Line.

6. Click  on the actual image in your excel file and Select CTRL+C (or copy). Click on the graph markers and CTRL+V (or paste). Boom!!!

You can do little things, like add data labels and delete vertical lines for a cleaner look.

You can also select individual markers for unique pictures. Then you would copy and paste them one by one for something like below.

Adding Brad’s image in the plot background is just as easy.

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Posted by Val Karkauskas

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