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Instagram for eComm

2 MINUTE READ | October 1, 2015

Instagram for eComm


Instagram is now more than just a platform for food pics and selfies. With the advent of their new self-service ad platform, more and more opportunities for brands to take the platform seriously – and brands are starting to take notice. It’s reported that engagement on Instagram is seven times higher than Twitter or Facebook. – which means huge opportunities to drive not only in-app engagement, but purchases.

The new self-service Instagram ads allow users to add the much-needed calls-to-action to help drive users further down the funnel. By utilizing a “Shop Now” CTA, coupled with expansive targeting, Instagram is now has capabilities to add another level to 360-degree retargeting programs.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help turn your Instagram platform into a revenue-driver for your brand:

  • Implement an online Instagram storefront – using platforms like or Like2Buy, you can make it easy for users to shop the outfit or product featured in your Instagram post without ever leaving the app.

  • Inspire your audience – utilize your top-performing creative and imagery to drive users to make a purchase with Instagram Link Ads. Instagrammers are looking for inspiration, beautiful imagery, and an escape – make sure your ads feel native to the platform.

  • Make it relevant – utilize laser-targeting to spur purchases from your top performing retargeting audiences and expand your reach using lookalike audiences.

  • Test, test, test – now’s the time. Try out different creative, CTA’s and targeting strategies before holiday.

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Instagram’s story-telling power, coupled with Facebook’s targeting and CTA capabilities can help transform your social campaigns and prime the pump for mobile shoppers just in time for peak holiday shopping times.

Posted by Carly Carson

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