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The Latest in Pinterest Updates

2 MINUTE READ | July 8, 2016

The Latest in Pinterest Updates

Among many new social updates in 2016, Pinterest is working hard to monetize their advertising platform. With over 100 million pinners around the world the platform has been slower to grow compared to other social media giants. Rolling out basic promoted pins in 2014 they have come a long way to get to today, though. A few of the most recent updates include:

  • A faster and sleeker new design with the “Save” button that has replaced the “Pin it” button, as well as being readable in 31 languages

    Via Pinterest Blog
  • Long awaited advanced audience targeting options including:

    • Visitor Targeting :: Target people who have engaged with your site or app

    • Lookalike Targeting :: Target people who look and act similar to your audience

    • Engagement Targeting :: Target people who have interacted with your content on Pinterest

  • Shopping bags for Buyable Pins on Android and desktop (with iOS to come) allowing you to add items on Pinterest to your cart and check out all at once

    Pinterest Shopping Bag
  • Visual Search within a pin allowing users to search for similar pins

    Pinterest Visual Search

Pinterest is delivering new ways to reach consumers in various parts of the purchase funnel. Read more here about the benefits to Pinterest CRM targeting that we are most excited for.

As advertisers, we know Pinterest is a great traffic driver and is a new audience for most brands, but is the return there? And that is just what advertisers are trying to figure out.

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Photos from Pinterest’s Blog.

Posted by Lauren-Ashton Shepheard

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