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Marketers, meet the Gboard.

2 MINUTE READ | July 18, 2016

Marketers, meet the Gboard.

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In its latest attempt to be more relevant and accessible in the mobile space, Google released Gboard, the first app allowing users to perform searches right from their keyboard without having to leave whatever app they may be using.

It’s slick design and intuitive texting and swiping features makes it standout from other keyboard plugins & with the addition of a Google search function that puts Google at the tip of consumer’s fingertips no matter what they’re doing on their phone, Gboard has the potential to drastically change the way in which people search and share information from their mobile phones.

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Below are the main implications that you, as a search engine marketer, should be aware of regarding Google’s newest product.

Gboard is all about native search. Gboard only yields native search results and while Google claims that there’s no current plans on layering in paid ads, it will be something to watch for as the user base continues to grow and google looks to monetize the mobile space.

Local & news listings are getting their time to shine. While google claims that the ranking algothrim follows that of typical mobile searches, it’s apparent that Gboard results prioritize local and news listings, presumably caused by consumers using Gboard to search and share information, such as directions to a local restaurant, the current weather, or upcoming movie times.

Rankings are crucial. Google returns searches in the form of large tiles, allowing for 1-1.5 tiles per screen, making your first three rankings incredibly important as there’s a good possibility that the majority of the clicks will happen within the first handful of tiles. It’s crucial to make sure that your local listings are accurate and your tiles and meta descriptions are optimized to “mobile first”.

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While still a relatively new Google product and adoption rate is unknown, it’s important for marketers to be aware of and watching out for the implications of what could be a game changer in the mobile space.

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