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Never Forget 9/11

2 MINUTE READ | September 11, 2015

Never Forget 9/11

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Natalee Geldert, Head of Brand Media

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Fourteen years ago, patriots across the country jumped into moments of action after the attack. From the courageous first responders in New York and at the Pentagon, to the brave men and women fighting those responsible overseas, Americans rallied together and displayed a spirit that will never be broken.

As a 15-year old, I remember that day vividly…

I was downstairs in the kitchen awaiting my bagel to pop up from the toaster before heading off to school. My older brother had the news turned on in the next room, to which I heard my name called in a stone-cold voice. I turned the corner and walked into a sight I WILL NEVER FORGET – The North Tower was in flames and smoke was billowing. We rushed to my parents’ bedroom and sat in confusion as to why someone would inflict such horror. Moments later the second plane crashed into the second tower… our world stopped. We watched, listened and prayed, ultimately seeing both towers crumble.

My brother and I ultimately made it to school, where in first period Biology Lab we sat in silence watching the news, later followed by mass and a day or prayer. Coming home we saw “America at War” plastered across every news station – absolutely terrifying. Were we going to begin World War III? I wondered.

Now, 14 years later, I have grown to appreciate even more the nation in which we live, where generally, I can go to bed feeling safe and secure, unlike so many people around the world. Let us use this anniversary as a reminder of the sacrifices many have made for the safety and freedom that we enjoy and let us never forget those who continue to seek these basic freedoms.

As elections approach and Democrats and Republicans seem to tear each other apart, let us remember that we are ONE nation with ultimately one goal: FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. God bless all of those whose lives were lost on 9/11 and those who continue to battle broken hearts as a result of that tragedy.

Noting the words of George W. Bush, “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they CANNOT DENT THE STEEL OF AMERICAN RESOLVE.”

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