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Our New & Improved Careers Tab

2 MINUTE READ | November 11, 2014

Our New & Improved Careers Tab

We recently completed a re-branding of our website and rolled out an updated Careers Tab.  We wanted more than a fill-in-the-blank profile.  We wanted to give our applicants the chance to show us who they really are.  The first question asks the applicant to: Describe one of your greatest accomplishments. The paragraph starts with “I rocked it when …” This gives someone the opportunity to take the time to think and be able to describe in detail a past accomplishment without feeling the pressure to answer quickly in an “in person” interview. The second question asks, “Why should we hire you?” It starts with “I am awesome because…”. Here we want the candidate to show us who they really are, their fun, quirky, animal loving, sports enthusiast self. I recently read an article on and it said, “You can train for skill. You can’t train for personality.”

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We are looking for great people who are looking for a career. We want people who are searching for a home. If you watch the video on the first page of the Careers Tab, you will see that we are like a family, a very competitive, proud family. We do great work, we are proud of our agency, and we want people who can come in and be a part of that culture. We have postings for interns, full time entry level positions like Account Services Coordinator, and Senior Account Managers for Account Services team. We are looking for developers, as well as, social and display media candidates. If you want to be part of a competitive, winning team, go to our Careers tab and tell us about yourself. We look forward to reading and learning about you.

Posted by Pam Buyers

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