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PebblePost – Your New Best Friend, Integrating Online to Offline Via Direct Mail

3 MINUTE READ | May 7, 2016

PebblePost – Your New Best Friend, Integrating Online to Offline Via Direct Mail

Say what? Yes, there is now the opportunity to integrate your online to offline campaigns via Programmatic Direct Mail®. Big words I know, but this is honestly an extremely cool opportunity.

Say you’re browsing your favorite retail site, put some shoes in the cart, and then have second thoughts on the price or simply looked at them and leave. Through Programmatic Direct Mail®, you’ll get a personalized piece of mail within a few days, reminding you to buy, sometimes with a discount or free shipping code to further entice you. Pretty crazy, right?

What’s even better: there is no minimum volume, you can upload unlimited creatives, messaging/codes can be personalized, AND you’re allowed to update what’s being printed every day. This is basically unheard of when it comes to standard direct mail.

Our new best friend, PebblePost, allows you to truly integrate your online to offline campaigns. Here’s a quick rundown on the program:

OverviewPebblePost is the inventor of Programmatic Direct Mail®. Their platform allows a Brand to capture a user’s online activity and send personalized mail to that consumer’s physical address within 24 hours — essentially integrating your online to offline campaigns. Results are tracked in real-time via their dashboard, with the ability to make daily optimizations to the campaign by pausing or changing creatives, adjusting frequency caps, etc.

Creative FormatsThere is currently one format available, which is a standard 4.5×6 postcard, really nice quality. There are three different tasteful finishes, which do align with high-end brands. PebblePost did mention they’ll be launching a few new formats soon, so stay tuned!

TrackingThere are currently two ways a user’s online activity is matched to distribute direct mail:

  1. A Brand’s CRM data

  2. 3rd party data matching

PricingVaries depending on how many pieces of mail are sent, but starts at $0.82/DM. This translates to over 12k customized pieces of mail for $10,000. Pricing is inclusive of:

  • Real-time website activity segmentation

  • Workflow management via the PebblePost Dashboard (includes real-time reporting features like mail sent, response rates, conversions, customizable date ranges, CSV data export, geographic heat maps, ability to optimize in real-time by creative, zip code, etc.)

  • Dynamic on-demand digital printing (into post within 24 hours of the online activity)

  • 1st Class postage

  • Unlimited creative uploads

  • Tracking through the USPS

  • Unlimited A/B testing and ability to establish holdout groups and use suppression lists

  • Account management to support implementation and best practices

Chatting with a few different teams, as well as current PebblePost customers, there are endless opportunities to utilize this program. Some thought starters include:

  • Using geo-filters to invite anyone who’s recently visited the site to come to a New Store Opening (NSO), with the address of their nearest store

  • Utilizing CRM data to message those who’ve opted out of email, but are still visiting the site

  • Reminding users of items they’ve left behind in their cart

  • Inviting customers to experience a new product being launched based on interest expressed in their past site behavior

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A very quick overview, but something I’m passionate about and can’t wait for PMG to test. Keep an eye out for our first launch hopefully coming soon!

Posted by: Ashley Homsher

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