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PMG Goes to the Fort Worth Zoo

2 MINUTE READ | June 23, 2014

PMG Goes to the Fort Worth Zoo

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We went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Of course we took selfies! Err… zelfies. Check ’em out!

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Those rhinos tho…

Pretty in Pink

That face doesn’t lie…

All the way from NYC, Carlos runs into the Abominable Snowman

Real tigers are shiny

not so tall anymore huh?

Hey ma!

A sad alana. Courtesy of a Charles photobomb

Pam owns the zoo. Why is she even here.

Pam owns this animal as well.

Chris did not go to the zoo…

Lucian + Light Effects = GLORY

David Gong in his psuedo-natural habitat

a komodo mari

8 Legged Freaks B-Roll

If you notice, Charles’ whole face doesn’t make it into any of his zelfies

The next 5 minutes after this photo was taken, Martin was eaten by the massive beast

If you look closely, the animal is actually in his beard…

Another half-face

aaaand another

Lithuanian Hair Metal

“Water should be allowed to roam free….”

Making every kid at the zoo jealous. DON’T CARE

3’s a crowd. 4 is just ridiculous

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Price couldn’t play with the rest of the PMG crew. He’s grounded.