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PMG Joins 600 & Rising and Commits to Change

2 MINUTE READ | July 16, 2020

PMG Joins 600 & Rising and Commits to Change

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George Popstefanov, Founder + CEO

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The recent national reckoning of racial inequality has challenged us to confront our own blind spots and biases, and motivated our leadership and the people at PMG to find ways to bring forth change in our communities and company culture. Our mission is to be the most respected global independent digital company powered by technology and amazing people, but we can’t do that without everyone being and feeling empowered and equal. Two of our core values are to “do the right thing” and “always change for the better,” which is why today we are announcing our commitment to join the 600 & Rising #CommitToChange campaign. 

In doing so, we’ve challenged ourselves to think bigger and better than we ever have before, focusing on building the foundation for a diverse and inclusive organization that drives positive change both inside and outside of PMG. But you can’t do that without data to understand where we are and where we want to be.

We took a calculated and transparent approach to workforce data collection and analysis via a PMG Diversity Audit that,

  • Analyzed workforce diversity data

  • Reviewed and analyzed recruiting data

  • Reviewed previous Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

We’re committed to making this data publicly available and the full details of the Diversity Audit can be found here. After completing this analysis, we’ve determined how we can improve across core areas of our control, including culture and work environment, talent, and community and industry partnerships. We’ve set measurable goals with aggressive timelines to ensure these initiatives remain actionable and a priority. 

The PMG action plan contains commitments and action plans across three areas:

  1. Culture and Work Environment

  2. Talent

  3. Community and Industry Partnerships

These action plans are further supported internally with 30-60-90-day plans across business teams, including leadership, people operations, and marketing, alongside company-wide support initiatives, providing areas of opportunity for all employees to engage at the level they feel most comfortable.

PMG is committed to help change the face of advertising by supporting 600 & Rising, and have outlined our diversity data and action plan for change here


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