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PMG Keeps It Weird – Opens Austin Office

3 MINUTE READ | June 22, 2016

PMG Keeps It Weird – Opens Austin Office

There are many great things about the city of Austin – the food, the music scene, the festivals, Schlitterbahn (yep) and the beautiful, rolling hill country that sits right on its doorstep.  Yes – Austin is an amazing place.  What could make it more amazing?  That’s right – a new PMG office space…

June 2016 marked the opening of a new Austin, TX based PMG office that expands our current US footprint from three offices to four – Fort Worth, New York, LA and, now, Austin.  It represents a strategic expansion that allows the agency to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Establishing a physical presence in a city that is becoming one of the hottest and fastest-growing tech and digital marketing hubs in the country. With companies like Facebook, Google, Marin Software and Amazon establishing hubs in Austin, the partnership opportunities and ability to recruit top talent are clear. The country’s best and brightest are already attracted to the great culture and metropolitan feel of the city, and with its growing digital reputation being bolstered by the presence of large companies like these, we’re in no doubt the market in Austin will continue to grow. Not to mention, Austin is home to one of the best business schools in the US – the University of Texas – so smart new grads will have another great career option now in PMG.

  2. It allowed us the opportunity to support the career and life goals of several PMG team members who want to relocate to Austin – all while ensuring they continue to grow with us and continue delivering stellar service to our clients. We currently have five team members in Austin and plan to bring on more. It’s true – we love Fort Worth, and it’s an incredible place to work and live. However, we do appreciate that many of our team members want to experience life in different cities and different cultures. Helping our team members do that is something we’re passionate about. In addition to our four US office locations, we also support remote “work-from-home” employees across the US, and are investing a lot of time and energy to ensure they have the same great opportunities for growth as those in our office hubs. We are proud to be able to help our team members achieve their goals – both in work and in life – regardless of where they are in the world.  And we will continue to do so as we grow in the future.

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We are excited about our burgeoning presence in Austin, and the future growth that holds. With a number of talented PMG’ers already on the ground there, we’re in no doubt this will create awesome new opportunities for our team, our partners, and our clients.

Posted by Chris Sinclair

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