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PMG Celebrates Anniversary and New HQ Space

1 MINUTE READ | June 16, 2017

PMG Celebrates Anniversary and New HQ Space

PMG will use any excuse to party, and last night, we had two great reasons to get together with friends, family, and industry partners. The agency celebrated its 7th anniversary, and also officially opened its newly expanded headquarters in Fort Worth.

Founded in 2010 by George Popstefanov, PMG has grown to be one of the most innovative leaders in the digital industry, delivering record-breaking business results for major brands, as well as helping companies like Facebook and Google shape their advertising platforms. In seven short years, PMG has grown to more than 120 people located across five locations globally.

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The party was held at PMG’s expansive office in Fort Worth’s trendy West 7th district. PMG now boasts an office nearly a full city block long, and its success has helped bring in other companies like West Elm to the area. The newly expanded office has a barista station, dedicated learning and development facilities, and state of the art video conferencing technology. PMG worked with architecture firm Bennett Benner Partners and designer Laura Drabicky on the new office, which also happened to be PMG’s fifth expansion in six years.

Posted by David Gong

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