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PMG: A Truly Unique Place To Work!

3 MINUTE READ | December 29, 2014

PMG: A Truly Unique Place To Work!

For those of us who have been around the block a few times, we know that workplace environments can vary drastically from one company to another.  There are terrible places to work and there are great places to work, along with everything in between.  PMG is a great place to work.  It is truly a 10 on a scale of 1-10.  Finding a company that rates a 10 is no easy task.  Not many of them exist.  Those of us lucky enough to have found PMG and made it our workplace home are very fortunate.

What makes PMG so special?

It begins with the company’s ownership.  Our owner recognizes that PMG’s most important asset is its people.  To that end, the focus on people begins at the hiring level.  Every effort is made to find the right people, with characteristics, qualities and experience that fit the PMG culture and will add value to what has been created and continues to be created at the agency.  Once a person is hired, they are immediately integrated into their new team and concurrently participate in a new hire training program that introduces them to all things PMG.  The training program is very broad reaching and touches all business lines, clients, PMG culture, our advertising approach, and a number of technical training sessions outlining the nuts and bolts of our processes.

PMG has a work hard, play hard mentality.  There is never day or a time where we don’t do everything we can to provide the best service possible for our clients.  We arrive each day with this as priority number one.  The effort necessary to stay on top of our game can be exhausting at times.  So how to we maintain the ability to stay focused to the highest degree each day?  We have a lot of fun too!! PMG regularly has team building and team bonding events inside and outside of the office.  Everything from a company field day, a company tennis tournament, going to see movies at the end of a workday, bowling, sporting events, eating meals together etc.  When anyone needs a break, there are several places around the office to relax and many, many snacks to enjoy to recharge our physical batteries.

Our weekly Friday company meetings and quarterly town hall style meetings with the owner allow for open and transparent communication to and for all PMGers.  Everyone in the company has the opportunity to hear and ask questions related to the direction of the company, potential new clients, upcoming events and many other areas of interest they may have.  Open communication is a great thing!

Because PMG makes hiring the right people a top priority, we have very little turnover.  Our people genuinely enjoy their work family.  When you enjoy the people you see as much or more than our “at home” families, it makes coming to work pleasant and it is much easier to work hard for our clients.

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Is there any wonder why we will be expanding our workplace in early 2015 to more than double our current size?  Stay tuned to what’s going on at PMG.  Many, many exciting things are coming our way. Why?  Because we have great people, we work hard for our clients and our company is a great place to work!

Posted by Jamie Thompson

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