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PMG Wins OMMA Award For Best Social Campaign

1 MINUTE READ | September 28, 2017

PMG Wins OMMA Award For Best Social Campaign

MediaPost recently named PMG’s campaign for Beats by Dre, Got No Strings, the winner of its OMMA Award for Best Social Campaign Across Platforms, marking the third award win in the competition for PMG in the past two years.

The Got No Strings campaign ran during the 2016 holiday season and was the accumulation of Beats’ efforts during the year to inspire consumers to make the switch to wireless headphones. The campaign aimed to celebrate life without strings and delivered amazing results for the brand around the world.


To do this, the social campaign was centered on an anthemic video scored to the classic song “I’ve Got No Strings” from Disney’s Pinocchio, with A-list stars dancing through the motions of life all while wearing Beats wireless headphones. The “no strings” mentality went hand in hand with the freedom that adopting the wireless lifestyle promised.

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OMMA recognized PMG’s outstanding results for Beats across multiple platforms, noting that “Got No Strings” is the most successful campaign ever for Beats. In addition to social media, the campaign was also activated through display media, retail, and out of home to get people not only watching but listening to the campaign.

Posted by Maddie Owen

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