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PMG Wins Three Platinum MarCom Awards

2 MINUTE READ | November 8, 2017

PMG Wins Three Platinum MarCom Awards

After sifting through more than 6,000 entries from around the world, the MarCom Awards have announced the 2017 winners, and PMG scored three Platinum awards for our “Got No Strings” campaign for Beats by Dre. PMG was awarded top honors across the following three categories — Social Media Campaign, Social Engagement, and Digital Marketing.

The “Got No Strings” campaign ran during the 2016 holiday season and aimed to encourage people to celebrate their life without constraints. The campaign was Beats’ leading effort in inspiring consumers to adopt the wireless lifestyle by making the switch to wireless headphones.

“Our approach was to leverage Beats’ influencer connections to drive consumers to the wireless lifestyle,” said George Popstefanov, founder and CEO of PMG. He added, “We are honored to have received this recognition and look forward to continuing our partnership with Beats by Dre to drive even more exceptional results.”

At the core of the campaign was an anthemic video scored to the classic “I’ve Got No Strings” from Disney’s Pinocchio and featured a cast of global A-listers effortlessly moving through life while wearing Beats wireless headphones. The results were amazing, with more than one billion impressions in the first three months, over 800 million video views, and tens of millions social trend impressions and social engagements. PMG’s efforts not only inspired people to live life with no strings but also helped Beats sell a slew of headphones.

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The MarCom Awards recognize outstanding achievements by creative professional involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of marketing and communications materials and programs.

Posted by Maddie Owen

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