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PMG’s New Digs

2 MINUTE READ | July 13, 2015

PMG’s New Digs

Ah, the ol’ conference room scramble.

I’ve worked in 5 different offices throughout my career, and one recurring theme in each of them has been space issues. Running out of desks for new hires. Finding a space for meeting. Finding a room with a working phone. It can be frustrating when you are running from one meeting to the next, and either you can’t find any rooms – or the worst of them all – you find the last available conference room and there’s NO PHONE.  I like to be prepared, people, so emailing a client telling them that we’ll be late to the call because we can’t find a room makes my skin crawl.

So you can imagine my excitement when the new PMG offices opened. Guys… it’s like a dream! There’s SO much space – so much glorious space! Conference rooms for client calls – all equipped with working phones and flat screen TVs to project nerdy spreadsheets and presentations, cozy nooks for 1:1’s with my team members, spaces with whiteboard paint for brainstorm scribbles, a bar for standing and working (and for drinking after hours!!), and the very best of all – an amazing patio to get a nice dose of vitamin D throughout the day.

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I feel very lucky to work at a company who truly considered the needs of their employees when expanding their offices. Now instead of heading to a client call or team meeting filled with dread, I’m excited about finding a new spot in our shiny new office space to meet. No more conference room scrambles for us!

Posted by Carly Weyand

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