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Post-Crisis Influencer Marketing Will Be the Same, But Different

1 MINUTE READ | May 1, 2020

Post-Crisis Influencer Marketing Will Be the Same, But Different

Some celebrities and creators have faced backlash from consumers because of tone-deaf content or comments, but despite that, influencer marketing after our current health crisis recedes is not going away. In an article on CNBC, PMG’s Angela Seits added her thoughts to those from other experts who say that the aspirational tone of influencer content from just two months ago is going to fall flat once society beings to return to normalcy.

Post-pandemic, we can expect influencers to show off a little less, according to Seits, who said, “Some of the celebrity backlash that we saw … will also translate to influencer campaigns … where there is a little bit less of an audience interest in some of that high profile aspirational type of content.”

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Read the full article to see examples of influencers who have adapted well to the current crisis, and where experts see the industry going.

Posted by David Gong

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