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The Remote Life: Getting Started

2 MINUTE READ | April 5, 2017

The Remote Life: Getting Started

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As the remote team at PMG grows, we thought it was time to dedicate a few posts to this increasingly popular way to work. Let’s start with four basic guidelines for diving into the remote life:

Create a daily office commute

Commuting to the office can be a pain, but it does have the surprising benefit of providing some time to decompress and as being a buffer between work life and home life. Try to re-create this when working from home by sticking to a morning and evening routine. For example, in the morning—before even checking your email—work out, have breakfast, and put on real clothes (not your pajamas or lounge wear). In the evening, go for a quick walk around the block, check your mail, turn on lights, and close blinds.

Carve out a work-only space

Preferably keep this space separated from any relaxing spaces in your home. It makes it easier to focus on work when you’re working and on relaxing when you’re not.

Have a set start and end time for your work day

Yes, working remotely gives you some flexibility on the beginning and end of your daily office hours, but it’s much easier to figure out a schedule that works most of the time and stick with it. This also helps you mentally define when it’s time for work and when it’s time for play.

Don’t forget to take breaks

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It’s much easier to put your head down and get in the zone when your only in-person coworker is a sleeping pet. This is great for productivity, and many remote workers notice how easy it is to slip into this production mode. But do yourself a favor and plan breaks into your day. Go outside for a walk, make lunch, call a friend or your grandma, or do a quick chore like starting a load of laundry. Simply moving around isn’t only good for your physical health, but it also gives you a mental break and allows to you gather inspiration from your environment.