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Rewriting Marketing Rules for Gen Z Social Platforms

1 MINUTE READ | November 14, 2019

Rewriting Marketing Rules for Gen Z Social Platforms

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David Gong

With PMG since 2012, David Gong leads marketing initiatives at PMG, drawing on his past experience at agencies, publishers, and industry.

Gen Z consumers are coming of age, and now hold $44 billion in buying power. PMG’s Carly Carson shared her thoughts in Target Marketing on why brands should take notice now, and how they should use social media to creatively and meaningfully speak with them.

“Gen Z grew up in the post-9/11 era — with the lightning speed, 24/7 news cycle — making them one of the most well-connected, globalized generations the world has ever seen. This has shaped their ideals and their unique points of view. They are activists, they care about the environment, and they buy into brands who share those same priorities.”

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Read the full article to learn how to find Gen Z consumers on social, the importance of content and how it connects with them, and the generation’s idealism and values.