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Your Social Media Advertising 101 Resource Guide

2 MINUTE READ | December 17, 2015

Your Social Media Advertising 101 Resource Guide

Social media. It is a broad term encompassing various platforms in which users interact and engage with each others and brands alike. You’ve probably dappled in social networking sites of your choosing and maybe even gone the organic social and content creation route for yourself or a small business. But what about the paid advertising side of social media. If you are looking to dive headfirst into social media advertising or are just curious about what the current landscape is, below are some helpful resources to kickstart your learning.


  • BluePrint contains 34 elearning modules created by Facebook and covers both Facebook and Instagram advertising content.

  • Facebook For Business is a resource for small business owners looking to take their Facebook advertising to the next level.

  • Facebook IQ provides insightful industry research and case studies.


  • Instagram Help Center provides a series of helpful articles, aside from what is included in the BluePrint training mentioned above.

  • Advertising on Instagram is a resource specific to advertisers that provides an overview of ad solutions, case studies and inspiration.


  • Twitter for Business provides a pretty lengthy list of articles for advertisers, ranging from an ads glossary to billing basics to keyword targeting.



  • Pinterest offers video training resources to jumpstart your Pinterest advertising knowledge.


  • LinkedIn’s advertising solutions are not as robust as other platforms, but learn more about Sponsored Updates here.

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Posted by: Lauren-Ashton Shepheard

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