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The Standing Desk

1 MINUTE READ | November 8, 2014

The Standing Desk

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Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill has written this article. More details coming soon.

Yesterday I was inspired by Emily Fox who gave an awesome Word Press presentation about how to get a web blog page published to write a post. I was also motivated by an image I saw while searching for puppies. Yep. Puppies. It was an old image that had nothing to do with puppies from the 90’s that represented an evolution that hadn’t really changed much over the decade. Being a visual person I decided to update the image a little. You could say I followed the evolutionary curve to snapshot 2014.

I like what it says. I also like that we finally put some clothes on. Nice.

So this blog is about standing desks. These are huge at the office. I’m actually standing right now.

Here is a woman standing at a mac.

Here are a bunch of lumberjacks standing and working

I think I’ll lug my setup to the office tomorrow.

Here is an Ikea version of a standing desk.


And now I leave you with a kickstarter video about a genius who has invented the StandStand:

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