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Streamlined Video Trafficking Workflows Released by DCM

1 MINUTE READ | October 15, 2016

Streamlined Video Trafficking Workflows Released by DCM

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On October 11th, DoubleClick released a product feature update regarding streamlining video trafficking workflows. This update address the strenuous old workflow previously needed to address companion, skip buttons and transcode settings. Below is an example they provided highlighting three different publisher specs. With the old process, you would have to create three placements and duplicate your video creative to set your settings and assign to the corresponding placement. With the new workflow, this is no longer needed. Rather you can utilize the single video asset and assign to all in-stream video placements and adjust settings in the placement properties.

The first time you go in DCM and create an in-stream video placement, you will be prompted with the new updates (below):

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DCM Streamlined video trafficking workflows with placement-level controls: