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The New J.Crew Catalog is Available on Pinterest

1 MINUTE READ | August 21, 2013

The New J.Crew Catalog is Available on Pinterest

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Earl Hwang

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Long known for their stylish print catalogs and associated mailings, J.Crew is now experimenting with the social media space.

Looking to book their place within America’s most progressive fashion retailers, they’ve just released a “sneak peek” into their new Fall catalog through Pinterest.  Fans were allowed to pre-order from the entire collection before the actual catalogs were mailed or went live on the J.Crew website.

JCrew Fall Catalog on Pinterest

In using the predictive nature of social media, J.Crew now has valuable insight regarding their new Fall fashions.  The rush of re-pins and comments will provide feedback and allow for the brand to soak in the virality of the whole campaign.  J.Crew can also use their analytics data to successfully gauge something that mailed catalogs cannot, REAL INTERACTIONS.

Kudos to J.Crew for taking a huge leap of faith here.  It sure looks like they are on to something, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

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