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The Programmatic Promise

2 MINUTE READ | May 22, 2020

The Programmatic Promise

PMG’s Katie Anderson recently shared her thoughts with Digiday, as the publisher released joint research with MiQ to better understand whereomnichannel programmatic strategies stand, gauging brand and agency marketers about their current practices and plans for programmaticbuying, and to identify their most significant pain points and most promising tactics.

Among the report’s findings were that marketers struggle with omnichannel operations because of basic organizational structure. Some advertisers are winning, and some are languishing, simply due to how sophisticated and effective their teams and strategies have become. Among the laggards, those marketers often talked of “budgeting complexities, fragmented teams and silos.”

Marketers also touched on attribution being “more challenging due to the sheer quantities of data now available — a problem that US buyersmay encounter more than those in other markets, given that they’re working across a wider range of platforms.” The report also stated that “there is now more opportunity for avoiding cross-platform duplication and making sure that data streams inform one another across programmatic platforms.”

On that topic, PMG’s Anderson said she anticipates an environment in which marketers increasingly refocus their attribution efforts as consumers shift to emerging and expanding channels like OTT, OOH, and audio.

“The measurement aspect [has changed],” said Anderson. “As we’re able tobuy these channels in a consolidated programmatic buy, we’re going to seethings like OTT, TV, out-of-home and audio — things that have been verysiloed upper-funnel awareness channels — play a really different role in the consumer’s path to conversion.”

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Posted by David Gong

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