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The Top Reasons Why Google+ Matters to You and Your Brand

3 MINUTE READ | August 21, 2013

The Top Reasons Why Google+ Matters to You and Your Brand

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Enough of this red-headed stepchild business.   Once considered the bastion of the social media platforms, Google has a number of features that make their proprietary social network a lot more important (and interesting)!  If you’re a social marketer, then it can no longer be ignored.

Heed our advice and check out our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google+.

Now, Let’s begin:

Using Google+ will influence your Search Engine Rankings.

No more Mr. Nice Google.  This should be a fairly simple statement to understand.  Utilizing your Google+ page will allow for your brand to better benefit from search engine rankings in Google.

Hint: Try posting at least twice a day.  (A little birdie told us that it would make a difference)


So Google+ has been touting this feature for most of it’s 2-year lifespan, but have you really tried using it?  FREE (That’s right friends) high quality video chat that any number of people can join.  Utterly destroying other video conferencing/chat competitors, anyone with a gmail account or Google+ page can join a Hangout.  This means that virtually anyone can converse over the internet face to face with ease.


“On Air” video hangouts are great for broadcasting and chatting with people en masse- you can use them to train existing followers on using your product or just have an open Q&A session.  If executed correctly, this can make your consumer base feel really included in the progression of your product or brand.

From a brand’s perspective, this feature should give them knew creative options to interact and engage with their followers.  Why not?  President Obama and a number of influencers have already taken advantage of this diamond in the rough.  Why shouldn’t your brand?

The Facts don’t lie…

  • 90 million users: This is going to continue to grow as Google has made Google+ accounts mandatory for all Gmail users. (sneaky sneaky…)

  • Frequency: 60% of Google+ users log in every single day compared to the 50% on Twitter

  • Quality over Quantity:  Search results are affected by who you are friends with on Google+

More than likely,  y**ou’ve already joined the party.  Might as well DANCE!**


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Google+ should no longer be ignored.  Not simply because of the Search Ranking implications, but because of the fact that Google+ has the tools to separate itself from the other social platforms.  Try it out for yourself and see how you like it.  You won’t be disappointed.