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Why Interning at PMG Totally Rocks (and Will Change Your Life)

3 MINUTE READ | February 3, 2015

Why Interning at PMG Totally Rocks (and Will Change Your Life)

Something to consider before reading this blog post:

  • I’m dramatic.

So imagine you are a junior year college student:

The end of your last semester of junior year is fast approaching and you are loving the seemingly endless free time you have to chillax with your friends, to eat miserably unhealthy food (I’m lookin’ at you, Fred’s chili cheese fries), and to do (or say you’re going to do but never actually do [I’m incriminating myself by writing this]) the mountains of homework that have been assigned. You’re coasting along through carefree college life when you suddenly crash headlong into the terrifying realization that you have a little over one year left of college, one tiny year left before your graduation into adulthood, and have no idea what you want to do with the rest of your life.

What you just took the time to imagine was the prologue into the worst mental breakdown I had during my time at TCU. There really is no feeling quite like the comprehension that your safe, comfortable college world is about to burst into flames and disappear, and that, because of your own indecisiveness, the road to your post-college career/life has become a long, winding, and confusing one (I warned you that I was dramatic).

Thankfully, being accepted to intern at PMG was like being handed the roadmap to my post-college life. Throughout my internship, I’ve been shown what it is like to work in an agency and gained an incredible amount of experience in the digital media world. I’ve learned about social media management, producing creative work for clients, analyzing data, and that working as a team is both super fun and super rewarding. Because of my internship, I now know that I want to work in digital marketing when I graduate and go back to school (more college, yay!!) to study graphic design.

In addition to providing me with the direction towards what I want to do with my life, PMG also has been a fantastic place to work. Everyone that works here is friendly and energetic and has made me feel very welcome. You can see that the people who work here are passionate about what they do, and that is reflected in the work PMG produces. It is such an incredibly fun place to work and there is free food in the office a lot of the time, which is, you know, awesome. I’m eating a slice of pizza while writing this. That’s really cool.

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Posted by Elizabeth Birdsong

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