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Tips to Foster Remote Employee Engagement

2 MINUTE READ | May 6, 2020

Tips to Foster Remote Employee Engagement

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David Gong

With PMG since 2012, David Gong leads marketing initiatives at PMG, drawing on his past experience at agencies, publishers, and industry.

While more and more states are looking to “reopen” its economies, the reality is that remote working is here to stay for many companies and its employees. So, whether it is for the entire staff, or for a fewer number who choose to stay remote workers, companies still need to engage those team members to maximize collaboration, connectedness, and productivity. PMG’s Chris Sinclair shared his thoughts with TechTarget on how companies can do that.

According to Sinclair, companies’ efforts should be people-centric, no matter whether it is working with employees, managers, or executives. “For many, it is a brand-new experience,” he said, adding, “Even those who have worked remotely in the past have [not necessarily] done it for extended periods of time.”

Sinclair also shared about how “PMG created comprehensive ‘work-from-home guides’ for different teams,” with one tailored to support managers, and another designed to be used by all employees.

“The manager guide covered everything from how to project manage virtually, how to adapt communication and how to ensure they maintain connectedness with their team members,” he said. “The employee guide gave practical advice on how to set up a workstation, how to structure their day, and how to ensure they take the mental breaks needed to stay happy and healthy.”

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