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“What Did You Do This Summer?”

4 MINUTE READ | August 11, 2016

“What Did You Do This Summer?”

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Pam Buyers

Pam Buyers has written this article. More details coming soon.

Do you remember when you came back to school from summer break and your teacher asked you to write an essay on what you did over the summer? I thought it would be fun to ask some of our summer interns to give me some perspective on what they learned. I asked them “What was the best thing that you learned this summer?” and “What was your favorite thing about PMG?” Here are their answers.

The first response is from Brandon Webb. He was an intern on the Data Innovation Team.

“As for my favorite thing I learned, it would have to be SQL. I have always wanted to learn a programming language and had the opportunity to do so at PMG. I have been able to put my newly acquired knowledge to good use, writing SQL scripts to automate reports and add custom tags to product IDs in Storeroom through Data Warehouse. It is exhilarating to see my code executed and put to good use.”

“My favorite thing about PMG is the feeling of openness and unity that it fosters. Employees are not chained to their desks, but can move around and work at various spots like the bar or outside. New ideas are always welcomed and teams work with each other to move the company forward. And finally, at the end of the week, we all come together for the company meeting and are able to catch-up on the latest news and have fun as a group”.

Abby Long

This is Abby Long. She was an intern on our SEO team.

“I’ve learned a lot during my internship at PMG this summer, but my favorite thing has been learning about SEO and Local SEO (in general) and the influence it has on the success of a company. ”

“My favorite things about PMG have been the people and the authentic sense of community fostered within the agency. If you want to be in a work environment that’s filled with fun, friendly people who are passionate about their work- then PMG is the place for you!”

Next is Sarah McKernin. She was an intern on our Account Services Team.

“The best thing I learned this summer was that you don’t have to decide between creative and analytical. I came into this summer hoping to understand which I liked better and focus my career in that way. But after everything I’ve learned and done on the accounts, I know there’s a great balance. I really enjoy being creative and trying new things, then being able to test them and analyze how they performed and what to do from there.”

“My favorite thing about PMG as a whole is pretty cheesy, but hard to ignore. The people here at PMG are as great as it is! I had a great team to work with and learn from, but also great people to have fun with! Very few companies have interns who have bachelorette-showing parties or happy hour dates.”

Last, but not least, is Caleb Welch. He was an intern on our development team.

“My favorite thing I learned during the summer would be all the knowledge I got about machine learning.”

“One of my favorite things about PMG was the openness of the dev team, and how I pitched my own project to my dev lead.”

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We love our interns and I always enjoy hearing their feedback. Three of them are returning in the fall. Only Caleb will not be returning. He goes to the University of Arkansas and he said five hours was too long of a commute. They are headed back to school in the next few weeks and I hope they are asked to write an essay on what they learned this summer. They will have a head start. I wanted to make their third question, “What did they like about Pam?” but I was afraid that there wasn’t enough room in this blog post. Maybe the next one…

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