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Which Mountain Will You Climb This Year?

2 MINUTE READ | January 6, 2015

Which Mountain Will You Climb This Year?

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Jamie Thompson

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Whether you choose to climb an actual mountain like I enjoy doing or whether your “mountain” is a personal goal, obstacle or challenge, there are a number of ways to approach your “climb” to successfully obtain the summit.

  1. Know Your RouteAs with any mountain climb, there is more than one way to get to the top. Before you begin your climb, consider your “route” options and pick the path that best suits your skill level, appropriately challenges you, and gives you the optimal chance for success.

  2. Be Prepared For the Expected and UnexpectedDuring a mountain climb if you don’t have ample water and you don’t have proper footwear, your chances of success decrease tremendously. In addition to these items, your chances for a successful summit increase dramatically if you pack other essential items and supplies that will help you weather the storm and overcome expected and unexpected obstacles along the way. Your journey may be sunny the entire way or you may have sun, rain, snow and/or ice. The better prepared you are, the better chance your climb will continue vs getting turned around before you reach your goal.

  3. One Step at a TimeThere is only one way to climb a mountain and that is one step at a time. This is true with accomplishing personal challenges as well. As long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other for as long as it take, you will eventually make it to the “summit”.

  4. The SummitYour journey may be easy or it may take all you have to accomplish. The more challenging the mountain is that you are climbing, the more satisfying and rewarding the summit will be. The journey may not be fun every step of the way, but the end result will hopefully far outweigh the pain of the process. If you are like me, it will make you look for your next “summit” in the very near future.

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Happy climbing and hopefully many “mountains” will be climbed in 2015!