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Working in Digital: Tips and Tricks for Interviewing with PMG

2 MINUTE READ | August 11, 2022

Working in Digital: Tips and Tricks for Interviewing with PMG

Taking the leap to explore a new career opportunity can be a life-changing decision, and we know that interviewing, no matter how exciting the opportunity is, can be a daunting task as part of that experience. To help candidates best prepare for their interview experience, we spoke with Amanda Jordaan, one of our recruiters, to get her tips, tricks, and advice for interviewing with PMG. 

Do your research and take some time to learn more about PMG, and what differentiates us from others in the market. (Reading this blog post is a great first step!) As you’re preparing, be sure to follow us on social platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to get a better sense of our company culture and current work. Feel free to share during your interview a little about what you learned and what excites you about PMG and the role. 

When a candidate is more informed about our capabilities, client work, and culture, they’re often better prepared to speak about why they want to work here, and how their prior experience or career interests align with our company mission and values, and can help accelerate our growth and their own. 

Each hiring manager for a role is looking for something different, but generally speaking, we’re seeking candidates who are passionate about our business and want to embrace our culture to help us achieve our goals. We value innovation and ideation. We embrace those who aren’t afraid to take a risk, fail, learn and grow. We’re lucky to work in an agile work environment that truly embodies a ‘kaizen’ approach. You’ll often hear PMGers say, “Agility is our superpower,” and they’re right! We value continuous learning and improvement and are looking for people to join us who want to do the same. 

First and foremost, we want candidates to show up as their authentic selves. Be real, be human.

As a recruiter at PMG, I’m always looking for someone who makes an unforgettable impression. (If you’re an introvert, fear not, because this doesn’t mean we need you to be inauthentically boisterous.) A candidate coming to the interview—whether it’s in person, over the phone, or a video call—prepared, and showing us they did their ‘homework’ on PMG helps them stand out from other candidates. Similarly, showcasing one’s strengths during the interview process is important, but equally important is seeing where someone had a development opportunity following a project or initiative that didn’t succeed. Storytelling abilities are incredibly important, regardless of the role, as much of our work at PMG relies on communicating with coworkers and clients. Lastly, coming prepared with thoughtful questions is always helpful, too, as interviews are important for ensuring a good fit for both candidate and interviewer. 

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Best of luck in your interview process, and if you’re just learning about PMG, check out our open roles on the Careers page.

Posted by: Abby Long