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Yahoo as a new Google Search Partner?

2 MINUTE READ | September 28, 2015

Yahoo as a new Google Search Partner?

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Dayle Magill, VP, Client Operations & Data Services

Dayle Magill has written this article. More details coming soon.

Yahoo Gemini has been making a push to onboard advertisers as they take back over the paid search ad serving from Bing Ads on As of recent discussions, Yahoo Gemini has the ability to serve to serve up to nearly half of Yahoo desktop traffic and 100% of Yahoo mobile. As Bing Ads starts to serve less impressions, is that really what is happening? Doing some searches today, we are noticing something interesting. We are seeing ads from Yahoo, Bing … and Google?

Reaching out to our Yahoo support teams, they confirmed that this can be the case. From our team, the Yahoo Gemini team is continually doing testing and Google ads may be serving for 1% of traffic. Continuing to search on, I would question the 1% stat as we are seeing more Google Ads than either Bing or Yahoo.

Though the Yahoo Gemini platform is still getting some legs, it is definitely not as robust in terms of functionality and reporting as either Bing and Google. Depending on advertiser adoption of the new platform, this might be a new direction to be a Google Search Partner serving Adwords results rather than directly served through Yahoo. This wouldn’t be too unlike Google’s relationship with AOL ad results.

We will be keeping close tabs on this trend as things evolve and additional enhancements roll out on the Yahoo Gemini platform.

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