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YouTube Brand Channel Best Practices

2 MINUTE READ | May 6, 2016

YouTube Brand Channel Best Practices

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You are probably already well aware of the impressive statistics around YouTube. Namely that:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine

  • Nearly 1 out of 2 internet users watch videos on YouTube

  • Mobile reaches more 18-49 year olds than cable networks

  • 94% of people skip the pre-roll

  • Subscribers to your brand consume 2x more content

With so much potential, how can your brand effectively optimize your YouTube page?

Because subscribers to your YouTube page do consume more content, the goal should be to make your brand page interesting while also adhering to your values as a company. Consider creating a channel trailer to show users what type of content they will see if they become subscribers to your channel – and update branding to be mindful of both desktop and mobile devices.

You may think that mixing your messaging will help bring in new audiences, but be careful – having too many voices could alienate your core group of users. Use the YouTube thumbnails, titles and descriptions to keep your story consistent.

This is where your YouTube data can help. Continue to watch your channel metrics and be aware of what videos are your top and bottom ranking. If you see consistency in your lowest ranked videos week over week – get rid of them! Don’t let your channel get bogged down with low performers.

YouTube is constantly suggesting videos in search that are likely to keep users watching within YouTube – which means that your videos are more likely to appear within these searches and suggestions. If your video drives watch time, then it behooves YouTube to continue to push others to watch it – which results in new views for your channel.

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Don’t forget to share your videos across social media platforms (under 15 seconds is best practice) and include calls to action encouraging users to subscribe to your channel.