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3 Phrases to Change in Agency Language

1 MINUTE READ | May 13, 2015

3 Phrases to Change in Agency Language

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Dayle Magill, VP, Client Operations & Data Services

Dayle Magill has written this article. More details coming soon.

I had the fortunate opportunity to join the iMedia Agency Summit last week in beautiful Los Angeles.  The Sunday format of the conference is valuable, eliminating any sellers.  Sitting in a room exclusively with agency professionals, it was interesting to hear the various perspectives from 3 person shops all the way up to the large holding companies.

Through the discussion, three adjustments to our general terminology and thought process surfaced:

There were lots of conversations around the commoditization vs. the value agencies provide.  Rather than providing a price sheet, we should be looking at a value sheet and communicating the value that the service brings to the table.

Case studies are submitted to the academic community.  Putting these together, we are essentially demonstrating the business outcomes of specific ideas, strategies or executions.  Business outcomes are more closely tied to a business case or justification to execute.

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