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4 Programmatic Trends to Watch in 2017

3 MINUTE READ | January 30, 2017

4 Programmatic Trends to Watch in 2017

Header Bidding Advances Will Change The Party

This programmatic technique of more instantaneous* auctions will continue to be good news for both publishers and advertisers (buyers) in 2017. Aside from the wins in inventory availability for buyers, publishers are seeing associated revenues soar as bids get pushed up in the process. These benefits are naturally prompting an advancement in the adoption of the strategy (where publishers place a specialized piece of code in their header pages to allow them to join the party.) With a star studded guest list of publishers now on the dance floor, the line of advertisers at the door is set to get longer in 2017.

*Opening up to demand before making a call to ad servers

Programmatic Media Will Feature More in Overall Customer Journey Successes

Organic digital content creators and curators have been familiar with the customer journey concept by means of storytelling for years. With the pressure mounting on advertisers and their digital agencies to join, nay enhance, the customer journey path, 2017 may indeed be a pivotal year for our industry in this regard. DSPs and innovative, tech-oriented agencies are announcing new audience targeting solutions and cross platform integrations every other week these days it seems. Layering on the growing march toward the optimal use of brands’ 1st party data only amplifies the value that programmatic media stands to bring the customer journey model in 2017.

Impression Police: Fake News, Politically Charged Media Will Be Closely Patrolled

The rise of fake news coupled with a turbulent political season made 2016 a challenging year for many brands – in terms of aligning their programmatic digital presence with their core online audiences. 2017 will see those advertisers follow through with their best practices in place – in maintaining high levels of respective brand safety. At the grassroots level for buyers, this facet of operations will no doubt remain high on the priority lists for the foreseeable future.

2017 Global Spend Forecasted to Surpass $39bn seen in 2016

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As alluded to already, the industry hasn’t showed signs of slowing down or running out of advancements any time soon. While the US still dominates global spend with more than 60%, LATAM and the UK have been earmarked for noticeable growth this year. Whether or not this will pull the US’s share of global spend down remains to be seen. Looking further east, China is expected to record spend equivalent to 15% of the US total this year. Japan remains the APAC leader with Australia in third spot.

Posted by Kyle Knox

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